AI For STEM Education Research

AI4STEM lab explores the great potentials of applying AI in STEM education through research and practice. We are committed to promoting the applications of AI in performance-based innovative assessment practices and teachers’ instructional decision making.

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Research Foci

The focus of the AI4STEM lab is to conduct research in applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhancing STEM education. Our projects are funded by National Science Foundation and NAEd/Spencer. We aim to enhance STEM education by increasing the realization of AI’s potential and feasibility as a means of scaffolding STEM teachers’ instructional decision-making and promoting students’ STEM learning performance. We are developing an automatic scoring and feedback system to grade students’ constructed responses to the Next Generation Science Assessments and provide teachers with PCK supports to scaffold their timely instructional decision-making. We are also concerned about AI scoring bias and we aim to develop a curriculum to improve AI competence for students that are underrepresented in STEM.

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Latest News

Dr. Xiaoming Zhai received the NAEd/Spencer Research Award.

Dr. Xiaoming Zhai, an assistant professor in the Mary Frances Early College of Education’s department of mathematics, science, and social studies education, received the 2021 American Educational Research Association’s SIG-TACTL Early Career Award for his scholarly achievements

The NSF newly sponsored AI conference will be held in UGA conference center, May, 2022.

Zhai, X., Haudek, K. C., Wilson, C., & Stuhlsatz, M. (2021). A Framework of Construct-Irrelevant Variance for Contextualized Constructed Response Assessment. Frontiers in Education6. (Click Here for PDF)


Our team includes professors, graduate research assistants, and alumni. All of them are making great contribution to the field of AI for STEM education research!


Assistant Professor, Principle Investigator of AI for STEM Education Research Lab

Dr. Zhai edited a Special Issue in Journal of Science Education and Technology, entitled Applying Machine Learning in Science Education

Article by Xiaoming Zhai featured on Wiley